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Coaches : “Do you have student athletes that you know can play at the next level (NCAA DIV I, II, III or NAIA)?”

If you want a winning program, the answer is very simple, focus on your player's dreams and ambitions, and they will achieve great things for you, it's that simple!

As a retired U.S. Air Force officer who began my 22-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, I have learned that core to motivating troops is for leaders (coaches) to openly demonstrate a real interest in the wellbeing and successes of each Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman. This MUST extend well past just accomplishing the "mission" or winning games. In my view, this is the same relationship High School coaches should have with their student athletes.

At RM2P, we strongly believe that the more you as coach show interest in the wellbeing of your athletes, the more he/she will buy into your program and work hard for you, and as a consequence, the better you and your program will perform.  It's NOT "rocket science", in fact, it is a basic organizational and motivational fact, but we can assist you by delivering the best recruiting service available.  Best, because of what we call C-Squared (C²) Cost and Content!

As a High School coach you should have as your core mission to assist your young student athletes to achieve their goals or their DREAMS! Getting recruited is one of the serious goals for almost every HS student athlete. Their center focus since beginning their sport as early as 6 and 7 years old.

We want to be crystal clear, NOT every high school student athlete can play NCAA D-I or D-II for that matter. has identified AAQ™ as a student-athlete’s Academic and Athletic Quotient. Just like a person’s IQ or Intelligence Quotient.

RM2P helps them establish a plan to get there while actively marketing their Academics, Athletics and Intangibles with their recruiting profile. Many parents and student athletes believe that college coaches and recruiters will somehow discover them out of the millions of other high school athletes and offer them scholarships. We know that unfortunately that's never going to happen. If they don't get themselves marketed they are more likely to go unnoticed and unrecruited and maybe end up not going to college at all. There are many good student athletes that can play at the next level and have their education paid in full or partially by Division I, II, III, NAIA, or Junior Colleges. RM2P maintains, Get Noticed, and Get Recruited! The key is to Get Noticed. That is a major part of what we do! As a Coach, you will realize many benefits as well. Of course, there's the reward of knowing that you positively impacted a student athlete's life. Additionally, your active interest in their success serves to further motivate individuals and the team as a whole. We know that a highly motivated team wins!  Plus, your program gets a boost every time one of your student athletes gets the chance to play at the next level. Finally, each student athlete's success reflects very well on you and your program overall.

At RM2P we believe strongly that each Coach should have as his or her sole objective to help our young student athletes achieve their dreams. We call it simply Dream Cultivation™.
~ Coach DJ

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