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RecruitME2Play.com was founded in 2009 by Coach Darryl Johnson. Coach knows all there is to know about college recruiting because he's a parent with a son that played NCAA D-I football, high school football coach, and a high school Business, Civics and History teacher.

RM2P has the subject matter expertise to Get you noticed and Get you Recruited! In fact it was the founder's real world experience with those other recruiting services that drove Coach to create RecruitME2Play.com.

All of our Recruiting Coaches are High School Coaches and/or former college student athletes. Many of our coaches are even parents of current or former NCAA and NAIA Student Athletes. So we know the process personally and how to get you Noticed and Recruited!

We do NOT "shot gun" out profiles hoping to get "lucky". We select specific colleges by focusing on student athletes skills and ambitions for attending college.  Looking also at the "value add" for each student athlete in relation to a particular school. Additionally, and probably highest on the list of priorities for most families, is cost. You will not pay a lot or have additional charges or fees for services. You simply pay one low price for all services and lifetime membership into the RM2P Family.

RecruitME2Play.com was created for those Good Students (2.3 GPA) and Good Athletes (varsity) that are not receiving the proper guidance they need to effectively pursue college athletic scholarships. We are the MOST comprehensive process of marketing Student Athletes for college scholarships that exist!

RM2P practices "Proactive Recruiting". RM2P guides every student athlete r
uit and their parents on how to take control of the entire recruiting process ensuring the best results. We don't get you noticed and Recruited, you do! We give you the guidance, coaching, instruction and the best tools to secure your place as a student athlete at the next level.

RM2P is simply the best because of what we call C² or C-Squared...Cost and Content! Our Cost is much more competitive and affordable than our competitors and our program Content is unmatched by any other recruiting service...C-Square!
College athletic programs verify that you’re the right student athlete for them by looking at three (3) of your qualities. We call this the Recruiting Triad℠



Intangibles (character, coach referrals, etc.)


Phone: 720-984-3011   |   Email: info@recruitme2play.com

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